Premier Coating System for Gutters and Roofs


  1. Day 1 - Clean down the gutter / roof to remove all debris and old soft bituminous coatings that may be left on previous waterproofing systems.
  2. Apply one coat of Serba No 3 primer at a rate of 6m² per litre and allow a minimum 2 hours to dry. Clean brushes with methylated spirits.
  3. Apply one coat of Serbaseal Base Coat along any joints in felt or any cracks in the existing waterproof membrane, at the same time, inlay Serba mesh into the coating. Overcoat the mesh with another coat of Base Coat at a rate of 2kg per 10 mtr run. Clean brushes with white spirit, clean off with a rag soaked in white spirit.
  4. Apply one coat of Serbaseal Base Coat and at the same time, inlay chopped strand matt into the coating then overcoat with another coat of Base Coat at a rage of 2kg per mē
  5. Day 2 - Apply a further coat of Base Coat into any areas that may require touching up (onto any pin holes or thin areas) at a rate of 2kg per m².
  6. Allow a further hour to dry then apply one coat of Serbaseal (Silver Solar Reflective) Top Coat at a rate of ½ kg per m². Clean off in Serba Brush Cleaner.

Notes on Technique

Serbaseal system, unlike bituminous coating systems will remain totally flexible throughout its working life, which will be at least 15 years. A further coat of Serbaseal Top Coat applied after 10 years will extend the working life of the system for another 10 years minimum.
Revised : July 2003

Giving Optimum UV Reflectance

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