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Welcome to the Polydot online Store!

Polydots are peelable, transparent adhesive discs suitable for:

  • Fixing posters and banners to windows and walls
  • Mounting photographs
  • Displays
  • Craftwork
  • Graphic Arts
  • Soft Furnishings and on almost any project where you would normally use adhesive tape, blue putty, glue or pins.

Polydots are easy to use:

  1. Fold Back top paper to expose polydots.
  2. Press a polydot onto the article to be fixed.
  3. Slowly lift the backing leaving the polydot on the pending item.
  4. Lightly position the item as required and press down to fix.

Polydots are easy to Remove:

  1. Peel items apart slowly.
  2. Rub away any remaining Polydot with a pencil eraser.
  3. Polydots leave no residue on windows, no damage to photographs or firm surfaces.

Polydots are available in 3 Sizes:

  • Small (5mm) 100 dots per sheet. For displaying up to A4 work, mounting photographs, small craftwork and general use.
  • Medium (14mm) 20 dots per sheet. For displaying up to A2 work, slightly heavier craftwork and mounting larger photos.
  • Large (27mm) 8 dots per sheet. For posters up to 1000mm x 1500mm, credit cards, CDs and soft furnishings.

All 3 sizes come in either packet form, complete with hanger card or loose sheets (in multiples of 100 sheets). Further pricing and details are available by clicking on the product categories on the left.

Free delivery is offered on all orders over £250, please remember to select the free delivery option if this applies.

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Polydot is located in the heart of southampton, close to the new Southampton F.C. football stadium. A map of our location can be found here.

Our address is:

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