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High Build Vinyl

Product Function

A vinyl based, anti-corrosion primer/finish for metal. It is ideally suited to single coat, high build application and can be applied directly onto galvanized metal.

Surface Preparation


By spray, brush or roller. Please note that High Build vinyl is much thicker and conventional paints and should not be "brushed out" when applied. Use a well loaded brush and apply evenly. Two coats are recommended.
We recommend a minimum of 80 µ dft in normal conditions and 120 µ dft in salt water conditions. We suggest using a different colour for the first coat. This makes it easier to ensure that two coats are applied evenly (recommend stone grey when spraying). We recommend using a maximum of 15% Thinners.
NB : After galvanizing, some galvanizers use a chromate wash to ensure that the galvanizing stays shiny. This is fine when work is going to be left in a galvanized finish but can prevent adhesion of any finish. We do not recommend the use of chromate wash if applying a painted finish.


Coverage: Approx 5m² per litre @ 50 µ dft in good conditions. This can vary with the method of application
Composition: Based on a modified vinyl resin, pigmented with suitably selected pigments and zinc phosphate anticorrosive pigment.
Volume Solids: 32% (for white)
VOC Content: 585 gm/litre
Supply Viscosity: 5 poise @ 20°C
Typical Film thickness: 235 µ wet / 75 µ dry
Product Reference No. HBV1Issue Date January 2003

Single coat, High Build Application

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